It comes to me

As I lay down

Giving in reluctantly

To the soft whispers of sleep

Into colourful dreams

Of places and sights I have not yet seen

Of tastes and smells I have yet to experience

It creeps upon me

With stealth – a twinge of fear

A reminder

Of things i do not wish to remember

Of sights I wished not to have seen

Yet no choice have I but to endure

The sweet bitterness

Of memories past

Wrapped tightly within

Dreams of an unknown future

Jarring memories of another time

That seem inseparable

From my dreams of the joys to come

These memories – like cautious aunts

Wagging their fingers

At the audacity of my dreams

As if striving to see me stuck in the remembrance of days gone by.

Yet I dream of unfettered and courageous days

And dream of hopeful times

Despite the fear of a past that seeks to haunt me

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